• Discover Beijing, Part 1

    For almost three weeks now I’ve lived in Beijing. I’m staying until May, but have already learned a great deal about the city. Unlike most major cities, Beijing feels [...]
  • The Songs of Eurovision 2014

    Every year, I systematically go through all of the new songs of the Eurovision Song Contest, rating them from 1-5 and composing a top list of my favorite participants. This [...]
  • Romanticismo in Venice, Italy

    You’d have to have a heart of stone to not succumb just a little bit to the dreamy charms of Venice. The title of being the world’s most romantic city is not an exaggeration. [...]
  • The modern side of Mexico City

    When thinking of Mexico City I used to picture a huge and dirty, slum-like area somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Things changed when I actually went there. Boy was I wrong. [...]

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Doing the CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

by Johan Dahlberg in Canada

I was in Toronto for a 13 hour layover, on my way to Beijing. The thought of spending all that time on an airport bench was anything but appealing, so in the last minute I [...]

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