• Featured Modern Mexico City

    The modern side of Mexico City

    When thinking of Mexico City I used to picture a huge and dirty, slum-like area somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Things changed when I actually went there. Boy was I wrong. [...]
  • Featured Venice

    Romanticismo in Venice, Italy

    You’d have to have a heart of stone to not succumb just a little bit to the dreamy charms of Venice. The title of being the world’s most romantic city is not an exaggeration. [...]
  • Eurovision 2014

    The Songs of Eurovision 2014

    Every year, I systematically go through all of the new songs of the Eurovision Song Contest, rating them from 1-5 and composing a top list of my favorite participants. This [...]
  • Driving through Beijing by night.

    Discover Beijing, Part 1

    For almost three weeks now I’ve lived in Beijing. I’m staying until May, but have already learned a great deal about the city. Unlike most major cities, Beijing feels [...]

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In London and all of the UK it's by default legal to drink in public places. HOWEVER, as we learned today, there are exception areas, and we happen to live in one. Luckily they saw that we didn't know and liked our behaviour, so they took our details for the records and left us with a warning. No more drinking in the park.

Hot Air Balloon over Cappadocia

by Jozii in Travel

One of the most breath taking landscapes and experiences are to be found in Cappadocia, a historical region right in the center of the Turkey. [...]

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